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LCA2013 shirtgate was an incident at 2013 on February 1 2013 where an attendee wore a t-shirt with writing on the back reading:

who | grep -i blonde | date && (cd $HOME; unzip; touch; strip; finger; mount; yes; umount; make clean); sleep

These are all standard UNIX commands, and are syntactically but not semantically valid as used on the shirt. The semantics are instead sexual (search available users for a blonde, etc).

LCA2013 attendee @stibbons reported the shirt on his Twitter account, including a photograph of the wearer from behind, after which many LCA2013 attendees made concerned or disgusted commentary.

LCA2013 team member Lana Brindley reported on Twitter that the unnamed wearer had been offered a new t-shirt to wear instead. However, later in the week attendee @jamezpolley reported that the wearer had worn the shirt to the post-conference open day (February 2) and to the pub ("W&P" or the Wig and Pen in Canberra) after open day. @stibbons dubbed the incident "#shirtgate"