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(He is no longer a member of Debian and was expelled for being such an asshole.)
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[[Jonathan Walther]] was expelled from the [[Debian]] project in 2006, and is a well known [[Troll]] on issues around women in technology and open source.
== Examples ==
* [ Post to Bay Area Debian Users Group] in 2000
: "Living in the Bay Area, I've seen far too many women whose claims of worth are VASTLY overrated. I know Deirdre isn't one of those, because I've met her, but your average Bay Area girl asking for a huge salary is blowing smoke up the sucker (bosses) ass, and getting away with it by a combination of fear of equal opportunity litigation, and plain old sex appeal. As well as the massive male-neutering that the universities that infest the area perform."
* He was also involved in the [[Debian IRC sexism]] thread, and identified as a troll by several participants in the thread.

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