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PBS Digital Studios produces a video by Joe Hanson promoting science careers entitled "It's Okay to be Smart" that features sexual harassment and assault of the only woman character, Marie Curie, by Albert Einstein. The creator, Joe Hanson, wrote a blog post saying that the video "reflects the dark reality that many men in [Einstein's] time acted inappropriately toward women." @silentkpants explains that "If the depiction of sexual assault is what's played for laughs, it's NOT a 'lampoon'." Dr. Isis explains that the behavior depicted in the video continues to happen today. The PBS Ombudsman ends a summary of feedback with "With this video, Joe has opened up an important, though difficult, debate. We believe we are meeting our public service mission by providing an open forum where this and other conversations about complex subjects can take place." Hanson took the video down after several days of criticism.