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In many cases what women find interesting and relevant is judged unimportant by men. The standards of importance, over time, shift to fit genderedness. So if something is judged important by men, and then women begin to perform it or contribute to it, it becomes devalued and trivialized. Part of geek feminism is in declaring what is important to us and insisting on its importance.

(See also Value).


Topics that are important to women are often rejected from a wiki's content as trivial. For example, in the Battlestar Galactica Wiki, there was a struggle over what content is appropriate; predominantly men argued that only "facts" from the show belonged in the wiki; predominantly women argued that fan works belonged; fanon along with canon.

In blogging, women's blogs are often dismissed as including too much detail of personal life. Rather than accept this, geek feminists attempt to shift the frame of discourse so that categories, genres, and overviews include what is important to many geek women.