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About this page[]

These are notes on Getting girls into IT from a group at 2009.

Personal Stories, Inspiration and Anecdotes[]

Experiences in highschool and university[]

  • Private girls schools are better resourced, and most female students studying IT and CS come from girls only schools.
  • Teachers and careers advisors can be discouraging, sometimes because they don't understand the technology
  • Teachers teaching subjects that aren't computing studies, science or IT don't have access to computer labs and projectors, even though they'd love to use computers in class
  • Teachers aren't savvy
  • IT departments in schools are often minimum wage positions, and not very good.
  • Some teachers don't think that girls should be doing Engineering: "What's a nice girl like you doing in Engineering?"
  • Students actively discouraged from being creative with computers and learning about them.

Ideas and Issues[]

How to talk to teachers[]

  • Talk to teachers of all subjects, history teachers included
  • Talk to teachers associations
  • Teachers have to do 'professional development', use this as an opportunity to talk to them
  • Fit your agenda into the 'core curriculum' requirements
  • Show teachers that they can improve their 'learning outcomes' your way
  • Educate them in bite-sized chunks. Have lunchtime meetups which are cross-curriculum.

Get kids interested[]

  • Invite kids to do their year 10 work experience at your workplace
  • Computer Bank for schools: they'll learn how computers work and they'll have computers to use!
  • Community based activities for girls: e.g. introduce them to Computer Bank so they can do volunteer work
  • University run summer schools for girls (girls in engineering summer school @ UoW, Siemens' Summer school, etc)


  • Victorian teachers association