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Geek Girl Tech Conferences are hands-on technology conferences geared toward women of all ages and knowledge levels. Held in different regions every year, these conferences bring together women with various tech skills to support and instruct each other through classes on all topics regarding to computers, PC and Mac, the Internet, marketing, consumer electronics, software, social media, Photoshop, blogging, podcasting, digital photography, and more.

Upcoming Conferences[]

Geek Girl Cape Cod Tech Conference 2013[]

Geek Girl Philly Tech Conference 2013[]

Geek Girl San Diego Tech Conference 2013[]


There are Geek Girl Educational Training Centers in:

  • Plymouth, Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod (Falmouth, Orleans and Hyannis), MA
  • Brockton and Boston, MA
  • San Diego, CA

These training centers provide individual and group workshops for training in many areas of technology from computers to social media, and they sometimes serve as meetup places for events.

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