Geek Feminism Wiki

For now this is a pre-emptive FAQ. As questions are asked, we can add them here.

What's appropriate here?

Information about:

  • Women in geek communities -- both as groups and individuals
  • Issues they face
  • Incidents that occur to illustrate those issues
  • Responses (especially articles etc online) to those incidents
  • Advice, resources, etc.

Discussion is also welcome, though probably best done on the "Talk" pages.

Things that aren't welcome:

  • Flaming, rudeness, etc
  • Off-topic content

Are men welcome here?

Yes, as long as you're respectful. Check out our Resources for men for some tips on how to interact with us in a way that will ruffle the fewest feathers.

Why do you want me to create an account and sign in?

This wiki allows anonymous edits. However, we do request that you create a user name on the system and sign in to edit if possible. We believe that connecting your words to a single identity (even if pseudonymous) increases Accountability and makes for a more respectful, productive environment.

How do you deal with abuse, spam, etc.?

Wikia seems to be pretty good about catching and reverting the most egregious cases. We also need the community to watch the "Recent Changes" log and help clean up anything inappropriate.

Who started and runs this wiki?

See Geek Feminism Wiki (project) for the background to the wiki. The wiki administrators can be found in Category:Administrators.

Does this wiki have an editorial policy or editing guidelines?

Yes! We recommend that all contributors read the editorial guidelines page before editing any page on this wiki.

What about the ads? I saw a sexist ad on the GF Wiki.

Yes, Wikia puts ads on our pages. Sometimes these ads are astonishingly inappropriate. Unfortunately, this is a trade-off we have to make for Wikia's spam handling. Wikia have been very good in the past at working with us to remove inappropriate advertising. If you see something specific, take a screenshot and please bring it to our attention. (The talk page for this FAQ would be a good place to do so.)