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Geek Feminism
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Communities of geek women
Recreational Medievalism | Cosplay | Demoscene | Atheism and skepticism | Hacker culture | more…

For allies | Guide for foul-mouthed feminists | Promotion to women | Creeper Move cards | Websites that identify harassers | more….

Organizations and events supporting geek women
AdaCamp | WoMoz | WikiWomenCamp 2012 | Anarchafeminist Hackerhive | Girl Geek Dinners | more organizations and more events…

Organizations and events supporting girls and younger geek women
Go Girl, Go for IT | Digital Divas | So you think you can Engineer? | Girls' Programming Network | MIT Women's Initiative | more organizations and more events…

Free sexism consulting | Splaining | White Knighting | Slut shaming | Physical violence | more…

Timeline of incidents | René and Readercon | BIGBOOBS constant | Feminist Frequency Kickstarter | Forking and dongles incident | more…

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