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FORTAcloud the hosting company posted an ad from their twitter account @fortacloud Monday 18, 2015 promoting what they call 50 percent off Monday. The twitter post displayed a woman in bed wearing nothing but lingerie and high heels.

FORTAcloud's original twitter post and replies to that post can be seen here

There was an immediate backlash on twitter directed at FORTAcloud decrying sexism among other things. FORTAcloud defended their post citing market appeal yet still failing to delete the tweet. Below is snippet of FORTAcloud's responses to the outrage on twitter.

"Well, 99% of our customers are male between the ages of 18 and 42, similar to another industry. See ."

"I don't believe it falls under the definition of sexism. . Sorry if we offended you."

"According to Wikipedia, advertising with images of beautiful girls is sexism. Certainly, we are one among many."