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Feminism is a movement which seeks respect and equality for all genders, both under law and culturally. As we live in a patriarchal world, where predominantly women are oppressed, the movement particularly seeks respect and equality for women, hence the name.

Although improvements have been made, particularly in the last 50-100 years, people of different genders still are often not treated equally. Our social, economic, and political systems are systematically biased against women in many different ways. Some of these systematic biases against women have the effect of harming people of other genders as well.

Feminists come in all shapes, sizes, colours, ages, and genders. There is likewise a wide range of political thought and ways of expressing feminism. Not all feminists think alike, but if you support the idea of respect and equality for all genders, and acknowledge the fact that there is a systematic bias against women, then you are a feminist.

Background reading[]

The Geek Feminism wiki does not generally cover introductory feminist topics. Therefore, if you're not familiar with feminism, we recommend you follow some of these links to learn about feminism and help us avoid Feminism 101 discussions.

Men who are interested in geek feminism or in supporting women in geek communities may particularly like to check out our list of Resources for men.


The following pages on this wiki explain important feminist concepts and terms that you might encounter.

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The above concepts are used fairly widely in feminist discussion. There are also some terms, laws, anecdotes and similar surrounding geek feminism and online feminist discussion, less widely known and often of more recent coinage, which you may find useful to know:

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