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Feminism, Poetry & Gin (FPG) is a London-based group that discusses women's and gender-related issues and shares poetry, with the option of drinking gin.

FPG was started in January 2013. Here is an exerpt of its founding mission statement—

"This group was born out of general outrage at worldwide inequalities that cause women to be treated as less than human on a daily basis. We see this in London street-harassment, in conflict zones where rape is a weapon of war, in board rooms, in religious doctrine and beyond."

Since then it has held monthly meetings and maintained an active Facebook group where members share and discuss predominantly feminism, and occasionally poetry or gin, -related news stories, resources et cetera.

Its members' ages range from fourteen to fifty. It is a 'mixed' group that welcomes feminists of all gender identities.

Meeting structure[]

The meetings usually open with the reading of poetry (usually a found poem that a member likes, but occasionally something written by a member). This is sometimes followed by a talk from a guest speaker. Past guest speaker include a co-founder of The Vagenda. In recent months the meetings have had a particular topic (such as feminism and literature, masculinity, and the portrayal of women in religious mythology). These topics are usually chosen by an elected chair who serves for three meetings.

Social media[]

The group has made attempts to increase its social media presence. Thus far it has created a Twitter account, a Tumblr and a Goodreads group, although these are yet to become as active as the Facebook group.