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"Even women find it funny" is often an argument used to defend sexist jokes or comments when there is at least one woman in the audience who "finds it funny too". This takes women's opinions only as tokens to prove that the joke or comment cannot possibly be sexist and then ignores any further attempts to prove otherwise. The reasons for people to agree with or allow sexist behavior are many (see Silencing Tactics), and the originator of the joke or comment is often unaware of or ignores this in order to justify their own privilege.

This argument, Even Women Find it Funny, often does not respect women as actors of change but rather places women into the role of approving or disapproving of already established behavior. Like that of child and mother, the arguer of the Even Women Find it Funny argument seeks only to garner the approval of women and is often ignorant of or uncaring of deeper issues regarding why their comments or jokes might be sexist. This also applies to racist comments and jokes as well. For example, Even Women Find it Funny can easily be replaced with "my significant other is black and therefore I cannot be racist" and still retain its meaning.