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In March 2015 Jesús Cea, Samuel de Ancos y Juan Ignacio Rodríguez published a podcast episode in Spanish, Python en español #3: Yield from EuroPython. In the podcast they interviewed "Oier Etxaniz, Francisco Fernandez, Alexandre Manhães y Manuel Graña, organizadores de EuroPython 2015" (they are from ACPySS Python San Sebastian, which is the local organising team for Europython 2015 - it is held in a different location each year) . From 21:22 they discuss "Nos hablan sobre hacer la sociedad "más mejor" :P" (how to make society better).

Comments/transcripts of what was said:

After much disbelief on Twitter, Europython released this response (5 days after Ivan's blog post) which claimed it was all a case of misinterpretation, and that "Just like we ask the attendees to be nice to each other, we also expect the EuroPython organizers to be treated with the same underlying respect and assumption of having good intentions."

After this response was condemned as inadequate, Europython announced they would be making a further statement.

This statement was done in the blog.