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Event Details[]

At Drupalcon Copenhagen Dries Buytaert (Creator of Drupal) gave his perennial "State of Drupal" talk. In the talk Dries touched on three items that set off a bit of discussion and debate within the Drupal community about sexism/sexist remarks.

The first two occurred together during Dries' predictions for the next 10 years. On a slide showing a couple having sex in a ball pit (image) Dries mentioned that the (gender neutral) Druplicon (Drupal's mascot) would likely have a sex scandal by the year 2020.

Later, as Dries was discussing goals for the Drupal project, he used "stay at home moms with a tupperware business" as a user story for the people he would like to see using Drupal. This may have gone over fine had he not specifically sited them as being on the "low" end of the technical spectrum.

Of the two grouping of issues in this talk, the main one that was cited as a sexist remark was the "moms" user story remark.