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Dreamwidth is a journalling platform, running on code forked from the LiveJournal codebase in late 2008. As a website, it has a diversity statement that explicitly welcomes people of all backgrounds. As an open source project, it is one of only two large projects in the world with majority female contributors. (The other is Archive Of Our Own.)

Vital statistics[]

As of May 2009:

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Dreamwidth developer shots, by Skud

  • Languages: Perl, Javascript
  • Lines of code: 210k (not counting comments/whitespace)
  • Number of code contributors: 34
  • Proportion of female code contributors: 75%
  • Number of commits to date: ~900
  • Number of releases to date: ~30

More stats/details can be found on this Google spreadsheet.


Female contributors to the project include:

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