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Matt Watchinski of SourceFire gave a presentation on 6 Nov 2009 at DojoCon 2009 wherein an opening slide (the "fluff" slide, he called it) depicted two women sitting back to back wearing nothing but t-shirts and thong underwear.

He was asked at lunch why he thought it a good idea to include that image. He listed a number of reasons, such as:

  • for effect
  • creates controversy
  • it gets attention, and any attention (for good or bad reasons) is good
  • makes people pay attention
  • images of attractive females are specifically exciting to the predominantly male professions
  • people will attend future presentations to see what you'll do next
  • the best presenter he'd ever seen had bikini-clad women on every slide, and it made people pay attention

As usual, the assumptions are that everyone involved enjoys looking at potentially attractive women, scantily clad women, women exist to be stared at, and of course that sexual content is appropriate in a professional conference setting.

Slides are not available. He said they would be made public after DeepSec (17-20 Nov 2009). However, you can watch a video of the presentation.