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a demo, fr-041: debris by farbrausch

The demoscene is the technical and creative work of demosceners, demoparties and demo-culture. The aim of the demoscene is to showcase the technical and artistic work of demosceners, sometimes called sceners, through software (prods), music and artwork. A demoscener is an individual who contributes to the demoscene. Demosceners sometimes form groups, or demogroups, in order to collaborate with one another in producing work. A typical showcase of this work is called a demo. A demo is a non-interactive realtime program that displays visuals, sound and music. Creating and watching demos can be very fun because they often do things that were previously thought to be impossible on the hardware platforms on which they run. The technical and artistic achievements of the demoscene are many. Examples of this include realtime 3D texture-mapped graphics on the Commodore 64 (a computer that can't natively divide two numbers), realtime raytracing, raymarching, faster then 30 fps 3D graphics with bump-mapped textures and per-pixel lighting on 486 class hardware and full-length feature-rich entirely procedurally generated demos in 4 kilobytes of code to name just a few. The demoscene is usually the first pioneer of new graphics techniques and improves existing algorithms and techniques to levels of efficiency previously thought impossible. Driving forces behind the demoscene include community, breaking limits, having fun and generally doing cool things.


Bp08 1

breakpoint '08 demoparty

Demoparties serve as social events to get demosceners together to socialize and show off their technical and artistic skills to one another. Organizers of demoparties are usually referred to as orgas. Showcases of work usually occur in competitions, called compos, wherein winners are established by peers' votes. The winners of compos are usually given prizes like homemade trophies, cookies, computer equipment and even money- among other things. Votes are sometimes taken and tabulated by, usually demoscener created, software called votedisk. Compos are usually organized into different categories by hardware-platform and type. Types of compos include: 4k, 64k, procedural graphics, executablemusic, demo, fastdemo, music, fastmusic and wild, to name just a few. News of demoparties and their winners are usually distributed by demoscener created software called a report, which usually occurs after the party or near its end.



Wings of Hury cracktro by leadex, cracked 1990

The demoscene comes from the software cracking and piracy scene. Before there was a demoscene there was a cracking scene. Cracking is the removing, bypassing or modifying, of anti-piracy mechanisms of commercial software. Crackers and cracking groups very rarely sell their work and doing so is usually frowned down upon in the cracking scene. When cracking groups release new cracks they usually include a short introduction that displays when the cracked program is run. This introduction is called an intro. Intros typically show which cracking group did the work, show off technical and artistic skills, and give shouts (sometimes called greetz) or fuckings (disparaging comments) to other cracking groups. In intros shouts praise the work of others while fuckings dismiss it. Crackers and cracking groups would sometimes organize into copy-parties or other gatherings in order to show-off their work to one another. As cracking groups grew in size they would usually divide work up into different internal departments. In a typical cracking group there would be departments for the intro creators, software crackers, distributors (usually over BBSes), telecom and public relations. In an intro technical work is showcased, typically, in effects. For example, one effect is scrolling sinusoidal-moving text, known as a scroller, that displays information about the cracking group. Eventually the skills of the intro department would grow so much that it began to splinter from the rest of the cracking group. Eventually parties were formed to showcase the work and achievements of the intro creators alone. As popularity grew the intro creators divorced themselves entirely or partially from the rest of the cracking groups and formed their own parties. The term cracktro was applied to intros meant for cracked software and intro was retained for producing intros for their own sake. Intros grew in duration and complexity and as more and more effects were strung together in sequence they became known as demos. The parties to showcase then were named demoparties.


The demoscene has developed its own unique lexicon. Some examples of this include:

Prods (software)[]

  • bbstro
  • cracktro
  • demo
  • demopack
  • demotool
  • dentro
  • livetro
  • diskmag
  • fastdemo
  • intro
  • invite
  • musicdisk
  • procedural graphics
  • report


  • orga
  • sleeping hall
  • mystery zone
  • party version
  • partyplace


  • gfxr
  • graphician
  • dutch color scheme
  • coderscolors
  • crackart


  • lamer
  • fartcoder
  • sizecode
  • speedcode
  • drivecoding
  • partycode
  • rasterbars
  • copperbars
  • coppershade
  • hypnoglow
  • scroller
  • plasma
  • glenz vectors
  • vector balls
  • bump glow
  • sinusbobs
  • pixeller
  • pixelpusher
  • overscan
  • sidebars
  • rotozoom
  • sounder


  • tracker
  • tracker junkie
  • bassters
  • doskpop
  • trackmo
  • chiptune
  • compotune
  • runtime tune
  • codermusic
  • boobietracker

Examples of women[]

This is a list of women in the demoscene who are already out as such (see outing) with their group affiliations.

Name (111) Demogroup(s)
Acid Girl Nature Born Hackers
agonia Concern Chaos
akasha antichok
Alice Mad Elks
alv Squirrelz
amanda Capella
Amy Pandagirl Knuckle Girls
Anna Chemical Sisters
aracia Scoopex
Athena Diffusion
Ava Jumalauta
case Faith Lightforce whelpz
Christine de la Queen Spoon
clary/clarie Drifters and Nova
D'arcy Excess
Deb Battery
delora whelpz
Dj Pudding
E-liza nuance
elmindreda hypercube
EmmaIV Sorrox
Erena Kline Proxima Centauri
Ernie anubis
fashion smash designs
Helen Shields Varsity
Hirojuki HJT
honeybunny mfx
icegirl Role
Jeri Ellsworth
Kayleigh Fatum
Kitana TDR and Tide
Lea Popsy Team
leia Apathy, Squirrelz, cellfish, awards orga and assembly orga
Liz Spinning Kids
Lluvia Bomb and TPOLM
mad Overlanders
Manka Autopsy
Margareth Fatum
mav Equinox
Mermaid Crest, Creators, Scoopex, Bandwagon, retrocoders and Resistance
Milie CIA
Miss Saigon
Mona Lisah Trax In Space
Monica Funzine
Monique Stella
Mrs Black
Mrs Freeze
Nici TDD
Nina asd
nogsf Kamelite and Level-D
patsy brainstorm
peaky Squirrelz
Pennie bronx and phaze 101
popi The Black Cats
puddy Level-D
Sabine Alphaflight
Sara Balance
shortie Sonic Dreams
SigFLUP Sickest Ravers on The Planet Earth
Silverstar anubis
Simone Shelters and Kreciki
sister Antares
snappy Aion
sole xplsv
special_k 3
squirrel Anarchy
starlight Extacy and Therapy
storm Maniacs
suicide TDD
sunny nuance
tassle Endzeit
TBB Genetix, Entropy, Side B, Alcoholics, Exotic Designs, tat
Tanja Effect and abyss connection
The Left Diamond Group
The Mistress Angry
The Sorceress Genesis Project
trussi Kiki Productions
vampire DAI
wiquie Cytax
witch Lethargy
zeugma Melting Pot and TWB