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TRIGGER WARNING This article or section, or pages it links to, contains information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.

This page documents the alleged harassment of the Debian Women and LinuxChix communities by MikeeUSA. For Mikee's other harassment of women, see MikeeUSA.


In early 2005 Mikee made a series of public posts were made to the Debian Women project mailing lists attacking members of the list on anti-feminist grounds, including violent imagery and repeatedly calling for the death of women's rights and the death of women's freedoms. By July 2005 he was also posting similar material to the LinuxChix lists.


Mikee reappeared on the LinuxChix lists around September 2007, and made more specific threats against LinuxChix posters and advocated sexual violence against and murder of specific individuals and similar things. As of mid-2008 Mikee was occasionally still mailing violent rants and fantasies individually to active LinuxChix volunteers. There were reports of harassment of women Debian developers in 2008 in Mikee's style that aren't yet definitively linked to his handles.


In 2009 Mikee posted content related to his Geek feminism harassment to LinuxChix IRC channels and individual users several times.

Example posts[]

  • June 2005 From: Mitch Obrian <>:
"From this high vantage point it seems that whenever men make something great, after a time, worthless pro-women's rights females come to latch on to that creation and claim it as a triumph of womankind. These whores (an assumption, yes, though I doubt any of you were virgin wives, if wives at all) cannot allow man to stand alone in his technical abilities above females, females who are used to having everything handed to them due to their 'angelic' sex."
  • July 2005 From: Mitch Obrian <>:
"a female who has feminist tendancies and beliefs should not be allowed to piss on the 1000+ men who make up debian." [Note that Daniel Stone/<daniels> quoted in the bug report is a man, probably counter-trolling]
"I pray you find your way into a feminist unfriendly country one day. God willing, you will die. Happily the feminist-unfriendly countries are immigrating to you. Remember the netherlands? Feminists die there."