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The Creeper Move cards are red and yellow cardboard cards which are designed to be handed to people at geek events who are harassing others or otherwise being creepy. They are in the style of red and yellow cards in football (penalty and warning cards, respectively).

Text of the cards

The cards are not freely licenced and you therefore cannot make your own (at least using the original text), because their creator has made an agreement with a printing company to refer printing to them. They are quoted here for information only.

The red card reads:

If you have received this card, you have behaved in an offensive or overtly sexist manner towards a female DEFCON attendee. Stop grabbing butts and inviting every girl you see to private pillow flight parties.

The yellow card reads:

If you have received this card, chances are you have made some form of off color or mildly offensive comment to a female DEFCON attendee. Maybe you were trying to be nice but "nice tits" comes across as a little douchey, ya know?

There is also a green thank you card that reads:

The person who handed you this card appreciates that you were respectful and mindful instead of overbearing or harassing. It might not seem like much, but you could have received a red or yellow card instead. Cheers!


The Creeper Move cards were created in July 2012 by KC. They were originally designed for the DEFCON event and have appeared at other hacker events.


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