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The '''Creeper Move cards''' are red and yellow cardboard cards which are designed to be handed to people at geek events who are harassing others or otherwise being creepy. They are in the style of red and yellow cards in football (penalty and warning cards, respectively).
==Text of the cards==
The [ text of the cards is licensed] under the [ Creative Commons Zero] license. You may copy, modify, translate, or print your own. A printing company has offered a discount on printing costs for the cards (see [ the source web site] for more information).
The red card reads:
: If you have received this card, you have done something wildly inappropriate or otherwise harassed the person who handed this to you. You should be happy you got a card and not a punch in the face. Check yourself — you might not be this lucky twice!
The yellow card reads:
: If you have received this card, you have done something mildly inappropriate to the person who handed this to you. Your intentions might have been good, but before future engagement make sure you are being respectful and mindful of people's boundaries.
===Previous versions===
*[[Creeper Move cards/DEFCON 2012 text]]
The Creeper Move cards were created in July 2012 by [[KC Crowell]]. They were originally designed for the [[DEFCON]] event and have appeared at other [[Hacker culture|hacker]] events.
They were [ translated into German] in 2012.
*A version of the Creeper Move cards were used as part of anti-feminist backlash during the [[Chaos Communications Congress 29 incidents]]
==See also==
*[[Backup Ribbon Project]]
==External links==
*[ KC's original blog entry about the cards]
*[ KC's subsequent overview of the card project] which includes instructions for getting copies.
*The [[Ada Initiative]] discussed the project: [ Why Conference Harassment Matters]

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