Geek Feminism Wiki

This is a place to share designs of buttons, stickers, ribbons, t-shirts etc that support the adoption of anti-harassment policies.

Open designs that you can use[]

Designs in this section are licenced public domain (or Creative Commons Zero), Creative Commons Attribution, or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

You may download any of these designs, modify it for your own needs and print or otherwise redistribute it! (Feel free to add your own modifications on this page, too!)

If uploading your own design, please choose a licence from the above and clearly mark it! You may also want to suggest a vendor (sticker printer etc) who makes things in the size you've provided.

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Closed designs[]

If you would like to share a design that is not using one of the open licences above, please put up a separate webpage and link it here.

Note that designs using the "No Derivatives" an/dor "No Commercial" Creative Commons licences are closed for the purposes of this page: the GF wiki's own licence does not allow us to host them.

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