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ConFoo homepage with sponsors in the right column.

ConFoo , a large PHP, Python, Ruby and Java conference in Montreal was sponsored by the adult entertainment industry.

The main Sponsor, shown on the official ConFoo website in the sidebar , is ManWin. According to a press release on ManWin's website annoucing their partnership with Playboy Industries:

"Manwin is the leading international provider of high-quality adult entertainment, delivered through online, mobile and television media platforms. It is the owner of the largest network of adult websites in the world, with more than 60 million daily visitors. As an uncontested market leader in the online adult entertainment industry."

ManWin was also offerred the Wednesday night keynote which was delivered by Eric Pickup of Manwin : Building a Website to Scale to 100 Million Page Views Per Day and Beyond.

Another sponsor of ConFoo was Gamma Entertainment. According to the Gamma website :

"Founded in 2000, we have been leaders in this segment of the Adult Industry by consistently planning IT infrastructures for customer projects and helping them integrate technology to achieve higher results and grow their online business."