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The Code of Conduct Pledge aka CoC Pledge or #cocpledge was a pledge drive started by John Scalzi in 2013, in which he pledged not to attend Science Fiction conventions which did not have a Code of conduct.

The pledge was announced in My New Convention Harassment Policy:

So, I’ve decided something. I am often asked to be a Guest of Honor or a participant at conventions, which is nice. I also have a number of friends and fans who go to conventions, which is nice too. When my friends and fans go to conventions, I would like them not to have to worry, if they are skeeved on by some creep at the convention, that the convention will take the problem seriously. I would also like them to be able to know how to report the problem, should such a situation occur.

He soon created a co-sign thread and had over a thousand people also pledge the same thing.

He later posted additional thoughts addressing some common questions and arguments, including responding to claims of white knighting and feminist cookie seeking, complaints about free speech, political correctness, oversensitivity, etc.

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