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Transphobia is an important subset of cissexism.

Forms of cissexism include
  • equating gender to physical sex and/or specific organs
  • assuming gender based on gender expression (such as style of hair, presence of make-up) or sex characteristics (primary and secondary sexual parts, chromosomes), and vice versa
  • assuming all pregnant people are women (excluding those trans men who are capable of pregnancy)
  • the phrase "women's reproductive rights" and saying men should not have a say when it comes to abortion (thereby excluding trans men who are capable of pregnancy).
  • forms that only provide an option for sex and not for gender, especially when physical sex is of no concern
  • assuming there are only two, clearly defined, sexes (ignorance or denial of intersex people)
  • forms only providing options for "male" and "female" for sex (especially medical)
  • assuming there are only two genders or that gender falls into easily defined boxes
  • insistence on clearly defined and expressed gender
  • imposing gender upon children
  • asking "is it a boy or a girl?"
  • providing only gender-labelled options of products
  • imposing strictly limited gender expressions upon children (for example, banning long hair styles for boys in a school)
  • imposing a permanent gender 'choice' upon non-binary people
  • denial and/or dismissal of non-cis identities
  • dismissing and/or denying a person's gender identity
  • ignoring a person's gender preferences (such as choice of call name, pronouns, gendered terms such as "boyfriend/girlfriend" etc.)
  • dismissing non-binary identities as fads or attempts to be "special".