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In July 2015, a developer on the Ceylon project (sponsored by Red Hat) posted a parody code of conduct to the project's Gitter chat channel, which was later copy/pasted to the NCoC Github repository by a different person completely unassociated with the Ceylon project. This was pointed out on Twitter by Coraline Ada Ehmke in November 2015, who failed to note the true source of this parody, or recognize it as satire.

The Gitter chat posting, which was clearly satirical in nature, comprises a series of instances of silencing tactics, such as:

  • “It’s [unacceptable] to describe members of our community using […] divisive epithets like 'racist', 'sexist', 'homophobe', 'bigot', etc.” (see You're the bully)
  • "it is the right of any other member to tell an offended individual to grow up and stop acting like a baby." (see You're too sensitive)
  • "attempts to control language and/or opinions of other community members [are forbidden]" (see Free speech)
  • "exaggeration of minor incidents and disagreements [is forbidden]: any community suffers occasional disagreements" (see You're too sensitive)
  • "intentional offense-taking" (see You just enjoy being offended)
  • "humorlessness [is forbidden]: what’s the point of belonging to a community that doesn’t know how to laugh?" (see It was just a joke)
  • "public shaming: participation in any orchestrated social media campaign with the purpose of ruining any person’s life and/or career is absolutely not tolerated and will result in immediate ostracization from our community" (see Shaming is bad and Ostracism is evil)

The overall goal of the document appears to be to proscribe inclusive behavior, specifically forbidding project members to challenge racism, sexism, or other marginalizations.