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Loco123456 Loco123456 7 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad: Director's Cut Petition - Please Sign

Hello everyone,

"Restore the Magic," a nonprofit organization needs help in reaching their goal of 10,000 signatures on their petition by May 1, 2019. The petition is to help in making the dream of the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" come to life. Please sign the petition, and also, please share it with friends, family, and others who'd like this dream to become a reality.

Link to petition:

Thank you.

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Evolem Evolem 27 July 2016


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Le Rottweiler Le Rottweiler 4 June 2015

breast size

I guess that maybe there’s something that I misunderstand, but for a while I’ve had this perception that feminists are hostile to large breasts, specifically in the media. I suppose that large‐breasted women would find combat more uncomfortable than others, especially when they’re given very little wear (which is unfortunately typical in games), so… perhaps it looks awkward and ridiculous? I’m afraid to have any certainty, though.

There was a study published on‐line that revealed that more sexist men preferred larger breasts. (I can provide a link, if necessary.) The implication was, I think, that we associate large breasts with debility. I suppose that this is comprehensible; I’ve never seen a muscular person who also possessed fat breasts…

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Jhonronny Jhonronny 12 February 2015

The Best Gear Outside of Normal Raids

For all of you unable to run a normal raid and unsure what to spend Warforged Seals on, here's a list of what your top priorities should be. Take a look at your gear and see what pieces need replacing.

-Head - Tier helmet is dropped off of Thok the Bloodthirsty, in The Underhold. Run The Underhold on LFR until you are ready to run it on flex.

-Necklace - Look into flex drops or use a Burden of Eternity from the Timeless Isle until you get a flex drop.

-Shoulders - Tier shoulders are dropped off of Paragons of the Klaxxi, in Downfall. Run Downfall on LFR to get the shoulders and then run it on flex when you have the gear and party to do so.

-Chest - The Tier chest-piece is the most accessible to you since it drops off of the Sha of Pride, in th…

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Netha Hussain Netha Hussain 21 September 2012

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference will be held on December 13 and 14, 2012 at the Lalit Ashok Hotel, Bangalore. It is presented by Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology and ACM India. The conference aims at increasing the participation of women in careers and research in computing. This year, the theme of the conference is ‘Beyond Boundaries’ –helping women to tackle challenges and explore new avenues in computing.

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Netha Hussain Netha Hussain 15 September 2012

WikiWomenCamp 2012 : An Indian's perspective

At the WikiWomenCamp 2012, I was lucky to be able to look into the problems faced by women in India in volunteering. This is a summary of issues about India discussed at the camp. The insights I provided were on the diversity of languages and cultures in India, and how one language Wikiproject differs from the other in terms of culture, and how it is reflected in the article writing styles. I also mentioned about the outreach programs that are being successfully conducted in India through social media and universities mainly aiming students enthusiastic about working with free knowledge projects. The traditionally assigned gender role of women in India is to look after the household and rear children. With the passage of time, educated women…

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Netha Hussain Netha Hussain 13 September 2012

WikiWomenCamp 2012

Participating in an international conference for women is a wonderful experience. It is more rewarding when the conference is for Wikimedians to discuss issues primarily concerning women. The WikiWomenCamp, held at Buenos Aires, Argentina from 23-25 May and WikiGenero held on the next day was an enlightening experience not only for me, but also for the other 16 attendees from 15 countries of the world.

On the first day, we began by introducing each other. The discussion was held in open space format and all of us proposed sessions that are of importance to women working with Wikiprojects.

The three-day camp was fully power-packed, with discussions, presentations and exchange of tips.There were sessions on chapters and women, Wikipedia and edu…

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SiPlus SiPlus 23 January 2011

Geek Masculism Wiki?

Is there Geek Masculism Wiki or something like that?

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Sezmonsta Sezmonsta 20 November 2010

Concerns About Harassment Policy

In the past week or so an amazing co-operative effort has been put into the Conference Anti-Harassment Policy. Its an initiative to provide resources to anyone planning to implement a sound, practical and positive policy to deal with Harassment, especially as it occurs at technical conferences.

At the lead on this is Valerie Aurora, with help from a number of other women including myself, and the result so far is really a great achievement.

During the work there was a lot of seeking input from people, and I personally got a fair amount of feedback. Some of it was in the context of the conference that I am on the organizing committee for, due to be held in Jan 2011, about 2 months time.

This material here started out as a way to …

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