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BlackHat is an annual information security conference in Las Vegas. It is run by UBM , a large convention and event organizer. The conference had a code of conduct based on the example Geek Feminism policy  in place which was successfully enforced during the event.

Sexualized signage[]

OSI Hardware 's tradeshow booth signage read "Used Cisco: You know you're not the first... but do you really care?" above an image of a young woman in underwear. After complaints on Twitter and directly to the conference organizers, the vendor removed the sign. Readers of this wiki may recall a similar gross ad from 2000 in Linux Journal. The g wasn't even original sexist humor: it was a direct rip-off of an ad from a Canadian car dealership .

Unfortunately, it was replaced it with one reading "I've got 99 problems but a switch ain't one", a reference to the Jay-Z song "99 Problems " in which the original lyrics are "but a bitch ain't one".