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Archive Of Our Own, also known as AO3 and otw-archive, is a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. It aims to provide an open source platform for hosting and archiving fan fiction and other creative fan works. As an open source project, it is one of only two majority-female projects in the world (the other is Dreamwidth).

Vital statistics[]

As of May 2009:

  • Languages: Ruby, Javascript
  • Lines of code: 60k (excluding comments/whitespace)
  • Number of code contributors: ~20
  • Proportion of female contributors: 100%
  • Number of commits to date: ~1300
  • Number of releases to date: 4 major, plus point and emergency releases

More stats/details can be found in this Google spreadsheet.


The AO3 project is run by a committee headed by Naomi Novik. There are 15 committee members in total, and a further couple of hundred volunteers on the project, any of whom may commit code, though in reality only some do. The rest are involved in work such as testing, docs, translation, support, etc.

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