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The alt-right (or alternative right) is a neofascist and Western political movement that focusses on opposing social justice and antidiscrimination. Unlike the religious right, the alt-right does not appeal to religion in support of their policies, preferring instead to appeal to pseudoscience or ‘traditional values’. Other than Islamophobia, they have no consensus on religion.

The alt-right is most infamous for its aggressive advocacy of white nationalism. (Indeed, many writers, including some white nationalists, have classified it as a euphemism for ‘neo-Nazism’.) Nonetheless, they also stress the importance of suppressing women.[1] For example, Andrew Anglin said on April 12, 2015 that ‘[y]our worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females’. More ‘moderate’ sources such as Breitbart frequently publish unscientific or poorly researched articles in defence of misogyny.[2] The alt-right has also attracted positive attention from the MRM.[3]