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At its heart, feminism is a philosophy that works towards the equality of all people, in all our physical and mental variety. Creating a more accessible world through the principles of universal design and the social justice model of disability help include all people in our activities and our community.

The social justice model of disability states that disability is created by society and therefore can be eliminated or reduced by society's changes. Geeks can help imagine and create such a world. Disability theory has particular relevance to feminism in matters of embodiment, caretaking, independence and autonomy.

Here are some resources to help make an event more accessible:

  • Signs - Good information is good access!

These pages on accessibility was originally written for Science Fiction conventions and are based heavily on WisCon's accessibility practices. These materials were originally developed at and for WisCon, a feminist science fiction convention, in order to make the convention more accessible to existing members and to attract new members. These changes have been greatly successful and WisCon is now known as one of the most accessible conventions in the country. Other conventions have begun to adopt some of these changes and have made their own as well.

We seek to spread the information about accessibility to other conventions and events around North America and the world, collaborate with activists, and consolidate our resources. Those seeking to make a convention or conference more accessible can use this wiki and the materials on the WisCon disability access page.

List of Cons with Accessibility Policies

List of Convention Centers and Hotels with Accessibility Policies

Thanks to Sandy Olson, Jesse the K, Jinjurly, and others from the WisCon Access committee for these pages.

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